“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

Meet the German Couple Holidaying at River Dart Country Park for the last 33 years

Traditionally, they say that travel is all about exploring new things, seeing new sights or venturing to places unknown. For Willi and Ursula Mesch, this concept hasn’t stopped them from returning to the same holiday park twice, every year, since 1985.

The German couple now in their seventies, discussed their fondness of River Dart Country Park in Ashburton, Devon. “We’re always very happy to be in Devon and here at the park, we love it”, Mr Mesch explained. “We have a lot of sites over in Germany, but we have many happy memories of staying here, we’d love to keep coming back but we’re getting older and older!”.

The cheerful pair for years travelled the long distance from their German home to River Dart Country Park with their caravan in tow, and unfortunately back in April 2018, they decided that the caravan was proving too difficult. “We got to a point where we had to sell it, which was very hard” said Mrs Mesch.

During their most recent stay, they enjoyed the comfort of B & B accommodation at Holne Park House, a manor house located at River Dart Country Park near Dartmoor. “We are now staying in such wonderful accommodation and it is so great to be back” she explained.

When asked why they return to the same place twice a year, Mrs Mesch answered, “The first time we discovered Dartmoor during our first trip here, we loved it”. “Every year we are seeing trees get bigger, we’re exploring culture, history and the people are very friendly here”.

Nowadays, we live in an age of extraordinary travel options with access to almost anywhere in the world. When discussing this with the couple, the reasoning behind returning to River Dart Country Park time and time again, couldn’t have been any simpler. Mr Mesh added, “The tranquillity and atmosphere of this location is very special and every time we return, it feels like coming home”.