Wild Ponies, Wild Land

Dartmoor’s Daughter  CLICK HERE

This is a spectacular new cycle ride through rural Devon with fantastic views of Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside. The Granite Way runs along Dartmoor’s old Victorian railway, offering a unique way to see the dramatic granite landscape of Dartmoor, as well as iconic bridges, castles and sites of geological interest. Relax after your ride with a traditional English Cream Tea.Walk with ‘Dartmoor’s Daughter’ through a stunning landscape and along part of the historic Haytor Granite Tramway. Hear stories of the quarrymen, tram-pulling ponies, and nearby legends, and keep a look out for a semi-wild pony herd in their natural habitat. Then visit the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) and enjoy an hour’s hands-on experience with Dartmoor heritage ponies – grooming, hoof-picking, and walking on a lead rein. Find out about the lives and work of the farmers who keep the ponies on the ‘Commons’ of Dartmoor.

3-4 hours

Group size
3-15 people

Cost per person
£125 per person

Fitness level
Low – Moderate

Parking Facilities

Special equipment needed
Suitable clothing and footwear for the weather conditions for a walking activity and being around ponies.

Accessibility considerations and facilities
Accessible route for wheelchairs or trampers can be arranged with advance notice.

Refreshments and meals
Additional options: Lunch, Cream Tea, Dartmoor Whisky Tour can also be arranged at additional cost.

All year round, excluding Christmas holiday. Advance booking required. Full day option available with lunch, price on request.

Basic to intermediate English required to fully appreciate the experience.