“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

Cream Tea memories

It doesn’t seem possible that Maisie is now 3 years old, looking back at this blog from when we took her to Two Bridges Hotel for a proper Devon Cream Tea brought back some lovely memories!

People often ask us “Where can I eat on Dartmoor that’s dog friendly?” The truth is that there are many places where your furry pal will be welcome to join you, and they can be found on our ‘Dog Friendly Places To Eat On Dartmoor’ page.

So, I hope you enjoy this memory of mine with Maisie, 3 years on she is the most affectionate, biddable, well-behaved girl who can be trusted with sheep, ponies and cattle on the moor, and has become an absolute water baby who loves nothing more than a river to play in. We had Golden Retriever Rosie (who is only 10 months younger than Maisie) join us when she was 8 weeks old so it’s been a ‘full on’ 3 years! The pleasure of exploring Dartmoor with well behaved, well trained young dogs just cannot be beaten.

Two Bridges with Maisie

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly venue on Dartmoor to enjoy a fabulous Dartmoor Cream Tea with your canine companion, we can highly recommend Two Bridges Hotel from personal experience.

Visit Dartmoor has a new ‘team member’ in the shape of a 4-month-old chocolate Labrador puppy called Maisie, so we were slightly worried how she would behave on her first visit to a hotel lounge where we were due to have an informal meeting!

We need not have worried; Two Bridges was a huge hit with her! She loved the big open garden area where she paddled under the iconic stone bridge and had a little walk on the banks of the West Dart River.

Lots of people both at the outdoor tables and inside the lounge area had their dogs with them, very exciting for a small pup, but dogs and puppy were very well behaved with polite sniffs and nose boops as we took Maisie to our table.

Probably the best bit for her was the supply of complimentary dog biscuits, which Simon discovered at the bar, she’s a typical Labrador!

Best bit for Simon and I was the arrival of the most delicious three-tiered stand containing sandwiches, cakes and a cream tea with proper clotted cream. Absolute heaven!

When she’s a bit older, we’ll take her exploring Dartmoor, but on the beautiful sunny day we visited the hotel, the river, gardens and biscuits were more than enough to send her to sleep throughout the two hours of our meeting!

Thank you so much to Two Bridges Hotel for making us all so welcome, we will be back again with Maisie for sure.