Horse Riding on Dartmoor

Horse Riding on Dartmoor

‘Horses lend us the wings we lack’

If you love to ride horses, Dartmoor is the place to do it. Dramatic scenery, challenging routes, vast open skies and breath-taking scenery everywhere you look.

You may be a beginner on your first trek or an experienced rider embarking on another adventure; either way, Dartmoor is hard to beat. You can ride out on to the open moor, hack along woodland trails and bridleways, or follow in the hoofprints of Dartmoor’s forefathers along historic byways.

If you don’t have your own horse, or are a novice in the saddle, there are some excellent stables listed below offering tuition and an experienced guide.

For riding purposes Dartmoor can be divided into three areas;

The South-East of Dartmoor:

For those new to Dartmoor this could be the best place to start. There are a good number of easy rides, taking in gentle slopes, valleys and undulating moorland. The scenery is spectacular!

The South-West of Dartmoor:

For the more experienced riders, the High Moor is the place to go. There can be a good deal of blanket bog in the centre so plan your route around the edge. Remote wilderness at its best!

The Northern Half of Dartmoor:

Wild and spectacular, but only the most experienced riders should consider “going it alone” in this area, as many parts are inaccessible, and the central part is a large mire. The Ministry of Defence also uses this area for training; visit the government Dartmoor Firing Programme website for further information.

Dartmoor – a real welcome

Some public houses on Dartmoor welcome horse riders, providing tie rails or paddocks, water for your horses, and convenient picnic tables from which you can keep a watchful eye on them. Try not to leave horses unattended – even on a tie rail. Check with the pub you plan to visit before you set off to make sure they are ‘horse-friendly’ as things can change each year!

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