Woodland Trust Walk


About this walk

Do you have a favourite wild place?  Where the view stirs the imagination or where the squeaks, rustles and smells give you hints about what’s going on around you? Maybe the atmosphere relaxes your mind.  These places might draw you back again and again.  I have many of these special spots around Dartmoor and, depending on my mood, I might want to be on top of a granite tor, facing into the wind and staring out to the distant coast, or perhaps I’ll sit by a moorland stream.  The therapeutic sounds of the tumbling water soothe me as the sun makes rainbows where the droplets bounce off boulders.  I peer into the brown depths to look for trout but get distracted by life in miniature; insects skating on the surface or dazzling neon dragonflies, damsels, chasers and darters.  I like to take my insect identification book in my pack wherever I go.