Water Sports on Dartmoor

Kayak and Canoe? Don’t mind if I do.

The Dart has some of the best mid grade white water in the UK which makes it a popular destination for canoeists and kayakers alike. Add to that the spectacular scenery, peaceful surroundings and space to just get out on the water, and you have the perfect environment for an awesome day of adventure.

If you are a beginner and would like to try canoeing, why not contact an accredited activity centre such as Adventure Okehampton or River Dart Adventures. You will be led by experienced instructors and have lots of fun in a safe environment.

As well as the ultimate adrenalin sport, canoeing and kayaking can be a fantastic way to see the landscape from a different perspective. Once the basic strokes are mastered, you will be able to glide through the water, amongst wildlife and along secluded rivers and streams. What a great way to while away the hours.

Canoeing and kayaking on the River Dart can be enjoyed within the following dates:

The Dart Fisheries Association and the BCU have an agreement permitting access to the river from Newbridge and Dartmeet from 1stOctober to 31st March.

There is no canoeing or paddling permitted during the summer months

There is no legal right to canoe on non tidal waters; you are therefore allowed to use the waterways on Dartmoor with permission from local landowners and farmers. It may be useful to take a look at the River Dart website for further information.

White out

Not keen on the small boat scenario but still want to get in the water on Dartmoor? How about gorge scrambling? You’ll get truly soaked but what a great way to experience your surroundings. What about raft building? Get some friends together and spend an afternoon making your own craft before trialling it on the water. Adventure Okehampton can provide a whole host of fun to be had on the water.

Wild swimming

Hailed in the Wild Swimming book as ‘…possibly the most magical wild swimming in Britain’, Dartmoor has some exceptional places to take a dip. You will find cool water reached via steep forests with natural pools and water slides. ‘There’s no better place to be swimming on a hot summer day!’ (Wild Swimming). All you need now is your bathing suit!

Please be aware that the River Dart and many other waterways on Dartmoor are privately owned. Please ensure that you seek permission from the relevant land owner before taking a dip; it is common courtesy and makes for a happier Dartmoor.

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