“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

Meldon Quarry with Maisie

This lovely spot has long been a favourite of mine, I used to bring Daisy and Skye here on a regular basis so introducing Maisie to the river and stunning views was an absolute pleasure. She loved it! Parking is simple, and free, then you just go through the small gate and are met by the glorious sights of the far reaching hills of Dartmoor to the left, Meldon Viaduct to the right, and a great swathe of open grassland straight ahead. She’s still only 15 weeks old, so no long walks for her yet, the tracks to Meldon Reservoir will have to wait a while but there’s plenty to amuse her. We followed the river downstream to where it swings around at 90 degrees and has a shallow approach for her to paddle. She sploshed about while I enjoyed the sight of the massive Meldon Dam in the distance. Heading back up stream, I needed to keep a close eye on here as there’s a steep drop to the river, but we made it safely up to the lovely waterfall and the gentle pool above it. She’s getting braver about going into the water now, especially if I throw the odd treat in where she can see it floating! I’m looking forward to taking her back to Meldon many times, I always go early in the morning and rarely see anyone else other than the occasional dog walker. Getting there – turn left off the B3260 (Okehampton to the A30) where the road is signposted to Meldon Quarry. Just before reaching the (now inactive) quarry there is a car park on the right with a map and very interesting information board. You may like to do a longer walk in the area yourself, have a look at our Victorian Landscape Walk which is a circular 5-mile route starting at Meldon Reservoir car park. More ‘Adventures with Maisie’ coming soon…keep checking back to see where she gets to on Dartmoor.