“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

Navigation Adventures and Outdoor Cookery Delights

Welcome to Wray Valley, where we offer a range of exclusive experiences designed to immerse you in the beauty of Dartmoor while teaching you valuable outdoor skills. In this article, we’ll explore our tailored navigation courses and outdoor cookery workshops, which promise to create lasting memories and equip you with practical knowledge for your future adventures.

Navigation Courses: Explore Dartmoor with Confidence
At Wray Valley, we offer three different navigation courses tailored to various skill levels, ensuring an engaging and enriching experience for everyone:

  • Basic Navigation Course: Learn the fundamentals of map reading, compass use, and route planning. This course is ideal for beginners or those looking to refresh their skills.
  • Intermediate Navigation Course: Build upon your basic navigation knowledge with advanced techniques. You will gain confidence in using a map to navigate a route and relish the walking experience. Develop the ability to plan a complex route, and follow it safely and effectively through open moorland and countryside. Learn how to use a compass and GPS navigation, particularly useful in poor visibility conditions. Gain the confidence to explore paths, tracks, and discover new places.
  • Night Navigation Course: Master the art of navigating in limited visibility, a crucial skill for any outdoor enthusiast. Learn not to rely on your senses and trust your equipment, ensuring you can explore Dartmoor safely even after dark.

Outdoor Cookery Workshops: Become a Campfire Culinary Expert and Perfect Your Woodfired Pizza Craft
Our outdoor cookery workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn new culinary skills while enjoying the beauty of Wray Valley:

  • Campfire Cookery: Discover the secrets of preparing easy and delicious meals over an open fire. Take your cooking beyond marshmallows and sausages. Learn the basics of different cooking techniques, meal planning with limited equipment, and create simple mouth-watering dishes that will elevate your future camping trips.
  • Woodfired Pizza Workshop: Immerse yourself in the delightful world of woodfired pizza making with our half-day taster experience, perfect for pizza enthusiasts of all ages! Discover the art of creating the perfect woodfired pizza, from kneading the dough and chopping the wood to lighting the fire and savouring your delicious creation. You’ll learn everything you need to know to impress friends and family with your newfound pizza-making skills.
    Available from 25 May 2024 – bookable now.