“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

The Story of the Pennywell Miniature Pig

Did you know that the piggies at the farm are actually our very own breed?!

Shortly after Pennywell opened its doors in 1989 it become clear that pigs were exceedingly popular with visitors. The problem was that traditional breeds are very large, grow up quickly and don’t tend to be particularly friendly. In 1992, Chris Murray, the founder of the farm set out to create a small, slow-growing, friendly pig. He began with a beautiful collection of traditional Old English Pig breeds and set out to reverse all that farmers did to create the most economic commercial pig. With careful breeding and selecting for both temperament and size, the Pennywell Miniature Pig was born.

Known internationally as the Pennywell Miniature, their story quickly spread when a photo of them in a teacup hit the worldwide press! Next followed the television appearances on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, CNN, Good Morning America and these cute little piggies quickly rose to fame.

30 years later our Pennywell Miniature Pigs are a massive hit with visitors at the farm! Their sweet-natured temperament means they love having cuddles! Their intelligence and character makes them a well-loved breed. Many visitors travel from far and wide to meet, greet and cuddle our piggies, and even watch them race! To see the joy these beautiful animals bring is something truly special.

What happens to the Piggies when they grow up?

Some stay at Pennywell but many go to new homes as Pets … that’s right, people have Pigs as Pets!

Want to know more now?

Read all about keeping Pigs as Pets here!

Remember we still have weekend tickets available for all the family to enjoy a full day of farmyard fun, including Pig Racing, Pig Feeding, Piggy Cuddles and so much more!