Birch Tor

Near to Birch Tor lies the historical treasure of Vitifer Mine

Birch Tor is easy to get to and worth it for the wonderful views over central Dartmoor, especially in August and September when the purple heather is in flower.

You can park beside the Moretonhampstead – Postbridge road at SX 682819, there are a couple of small car parks. 

Near to Birch Tor lies the historical treasure of Vitifer Mine, a testament to Dartmoor’s industrial past. Once a bustling hub of tin mining during the 19th and early 20th centuries, the remnants of Vitifer Mine tell a story of toil and enterprise.

The proximity of Birch Tor and Vitifer Mine makes them a popular combination for visitors who want to explore both the natural beauty of the tor and the historical significance of the mining area. Hikers often include these sites as part of their Dartmoor adventures, allowing them to appreciate both the stunning landscapes and the cultural heritage of the region.

When visiting, it’s essential to be cautious around any old mine workings, as they can present safety hazards due to unstable ground and open mine shafts.

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