Merrivale Stone Rows

A fascinating place to enjoy a walk, a paddle and a picnic

This is a fascinating place to enjoy a walk, a paddle and a picnic, with fantastic views in atmospheric surroundings. This popular site has several monuments as well as the stone rows, burial cairns, a stone circle and standing stones are also visible. You’ll be able to spot numerous hut circles adjacent to the road.

It’s extremely easy to find, just off the main road (B3357) between Tavistock and Princetown, and only a short walk from the car parks at SX 55313 75017 or SX 56050 74895 so not too much for little legs to manage.

Dartmoor is covered in fascinating prehistoric sites, and the stone row at Merrivale is one of the finest in the National Park. It’s a double stone row separated by a leat which is 263 metres long. The monuments were probably built over a long period of time in the Bronze Age, between 2500BC and 1000BC

The stone row closest to the B3357 and to the north of the leat is about 180 metres or 590 feet long. The stone row to the south of the leat is about 260 metres or 850 feet long. A burial cist and circle of stones sits in the middle of the longer stone row.

You’ll find a collection of points of interest to enjoy at the site, three stone rows, several cairns, a stone circle and standing stones, so there’s much to explore and the children will have a lot of fun!

Lastly, the remains of another stone row can just about be made out to the south of the standing stone at Merrivale complex.

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