Dartmoor with your dog

Explore the moor with your four legged friends

Can I bring my dogs on holiday with me to Dartmoor?

In a word … yes! Here at Visit Dartmoor, we all have our own dogs, and love to share our holidays with them. A family trip away just wouldn’t be the same without your four-legged friends; Dartmoor is a superb place to have a holiday with your canine companion, thanks to its variety of dog friendly places to stay, eat and visit.

Where can I walk my dog on Dartmoor?

Much of Dartmoor is open access and you can walk your dog in most areas. For those who prefer a set route, there are fantastic walks to suit every type of dog and their families, from easy flat walks to hardier and more challenging hikes over hills and tors for the best panoramic views. Lots to choose from here. 

Can my dog come with me when I’m cycling on Dartmoor?

Some of our bike-hire centres have “dog-chariots” so that older/less fit dogs or simply those with very short legs can enjoy your cycling adventures with you! In warm weather most dogs relish the chance to paddle in a river or pond and of course we have plenty of both on Dartmoor. So yes, your dog can enjoy Dartmoor with you even when you’re on two wheels and he’s on four legs. Here 

Are there dog-friendly places to eat on Dartmoor?

Yes, in fact it’s not difficult to find a dog-friendly place to eat on Dartmoor. Most pubs, cafes, tea-rooms, hotels and farm shops will make great efforts to accommodate you bringing your dog with you while you enjoy their delicious food. Many have water bowls and even jars of dog treats available! Here 

Are there any dog-friendly family attractions on Dartmoor?

Yes, several of the family attractions, visitor centres and visitor attractions will welcome your dogs as part of the family. It’s a little more difficult for the attractions with animals of their own such as petting farms, but even then, several have cool and shady kennels where your pet can rest while you enjoy yourself in the knowledge that your dog is safe, cool and happy to sleep a while. Here