Walk through Dartmoor’s Myths and Legends

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Enjoy a walk through a landscape that is rich in history, stories and myths with a guide who can tell personal tales of living and working on Dartmoor. Be transported back to a time where pixies, ghosts and witchcraft were part of daily life on Dartmoor. Hear the story of the man who fell down a mine shaft and was saved by his faithful dog, yet the dog can still be seen in the area. Enjoy lunch in a traditional pub, which is said to be haunted and has a fire that has been burning nearly 200 years.

3 hours

Group size
3-15 people

Cost per person
£50 per person

Fitness level

Parking Facilities

Special equipment needed
Suitable clothing and footwear for a 4-mile walk in all weather conditions.

Accessibility considerations and facilities
Not accessible for people with mobility issues.

Refreshments and meals
Lunch and a drink included.

All year round, except 22-30 December.

Intermediate English required to fully appreciate the experience.