Wild Camping, Backpack Camping

Where can you go to enjoy wild-camping on Dartmoor?

We very often get asked about where and how to ‘wild camp’. Shamus McCaffery took his beautiful dog Petra to camp overnight on the moor, and has created this very useful video which explains everything you need to know. He’s recently set up his ‘Outdoors Inspiration’ YouTube channel which you can follow and subscribe to when you view his video. 
A few simple points that might help;
  • You can backpack camp on some parts of Dartmoor by carrying your own equipment as part of your walk and staying one or two nights max. 
  • You can only do this in certain areas.
  • Be mindful of spoiling the views or walks for other people.
  • No overnight stays in vehicles.
  • No large tents or large groups camping. 
  • Leave no trace – don’t light fires and take all your rubbish home with you
For official guidance on backpack camping please see www.dartmoor.gov.uk/enjoy-dartmoor/outdoor-activities/camping
Backpack (Wild) Camping Map can be found on the National Park website too.