“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

5 Awesome Cycling Routes on Dartmoor!

Awaken the outdoor senses in you by visiting Dartmoor not for any other reason but to explore what it has to offer while on two wheels. With its extensive network of quaint and quiet lanes designed for cycling diehards, you will certainly fall in love with this one of a kind history haven.

It gets better for mountain bikers with 350 kilometers of byways and bridleways within the park. That is not everything though when it comes to Dartmoor and the cycling adventures it offers. There are of course, other exciting places within Dartmoor. Get in shape and explore them all which include:

Haldon Forest Discovery Trail

There is something relaxing about cycling with loved ones along a discovery trail. One feels immersed in nature and free. That is exactly what Haldon Forest Discovery Trail has to offer. It gets better with the fact that the trail is for everyone. That means you can cycle as a family with kids. It is in fact, so much fun for children as there are several fun features along the trail for children. Resting points are there in plenty, just as it is the case with stunning views! For those who want to get fit and shape, this is the place to start with in Dartmoor.

Drake’s Trail

You will fall in love with Drake’s Trail, which runs from Tavistock all the way to Plymouth. Now, that may seem like a distance on paper. Things get different though once one gears up for a ride. Before you know it, the trail is over. The route is a fine trail of cycling and walking trails. it is ideal for both cycling enthusiast and their beginner counterparts. You will most likely fall in love with the off road cycling section in the trail. Simply think of the trail as a mountain biker’s dream coming true.

West Devon cycling routes

The route offers a golden opportunity to sample what Bedford square, Tavistock is all about. It has in fact, been capped by many as one of Tavistock’s finest gems. It is easy to understand why the routes are so popular amongst cyclists. First off, they are four circular routes and an extra linear one. That makes five cycling routes. The routes will lead you to some of the most scenic and unspoilt spots of Devon. You will at no point feel bored with the routes. Each one has something special to offer. You will also have a chance to make friends or chat with the locals along the way

The Dartmoor National Park Bike Week

How about coming together as cyclists in April just for fun? It sounds nice, and it is all fairness, nice. It is a national celebration of the environmental, health and social benefits of cycling. This is therefore, one of those are moments where one can meet like-minded bikers from Dartmoor and beyond. It runs for a whole week, so you can set aside a day or two to explore what the National Park has to offer. Lots of both on and off road cyclists attend the event each year, so it is never boring.

The Granite Way

The Granite Way is relatively new. Those who have tried it has given it five stars. You won’t cycle far before you understand why. It is a traffic free route ideal for both on and off road cyclists. It gets better with the fact that the route runs through Devon town. That means you will have to stop somewhere along the way just to enjoy views of Dartmoor as well as the surrounding countryside. The air is clean, the locals are charming and the route is clean. What else can a cyclist ask for?

Other areas

There is so much one can see and do within and about Dartmoor. It is not just about the tors or the very beautiful ponies or even the heritage or the history. It is all about getting out there to see, experience and feel what Dartmoor has to offer. You will in the process get a chance to see and appreciate how locals live here. It won’t take long before you come back to your senses just to realize that Dartmoor is one of those few places on earth where a green and sustainable future is guaranteed.

Take time to enjoy everything as you cycle from birds chirping and butterflies on blooming flowers all the way to ancient woodland and Neolithic monuments. You will be moved at how much the locals are here are always willing and ready to assist. They actually stand out as the best source of information for anyone who wants to know more about Dartmoor. Keep in mind that Dartmoor has the highest number of well-preserved archeological remains in Europe.

This means home for a cycling enthusiast who loves archaic carvings, ancient villages and stone circles. Cycling here almost feels like getting inside a time machine and going back to a time when everything as simple. It is an experience you will want to relive over and over for a long time.

David Bender – http://bestmtbgear.com/

David is an avid cyclist. He’s traveled to over 10 countries with his bike. He writes a lot on bikes and biking at his blog. When not attending to his blog, he’s biking in the neighborhood!