“ I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.” Steven Spielberg.

Treat Yourself to the Tasty Local Treats of Dartmoor

There’s no doubt that we English love our teas and cakes, and life in Dartmoor brings no exception to this coast-to-coast passion for sweet treats. Thanks to the diverse terrain of Dartmoor National Park and the expansive surroundings, the area boasts some of the best local produce in the UK. And this produce goes into making the deliciously British teas, cakes, and biscuits that can be found in the many quaint cafés and shops scattered around Devon.

If you are visiting Dartmoor and looking to indulge your sweet tooth, you have come to the right place. Stepping into any of the local businesses in the area, you will be sure to find many delights to taste-test. But the question is: which sweet treat will satisfy your craving and showcase British culture? Below is a guide to some of the signature – and scrumptious – treats that can be found in Dartmoor.

The British Staple: Scones with Afternoon Tea

In the cafes around Dartmoor, many of the bakers get an early start to produce fresh-baked goodies for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. This means that when the afternoon comes, there will be plenty of tasty treats awaiting those who like to indulge in afternoon tea. Choose a comfy seat and allow yourself to relax the afternoon away with a warm fresh-baked scone, a true staple of British culture.

After all, you will never be disappointed when you sink your teeth into a scone dripping with thick, clotted cream or homemade jam. And to take this authentic taste of Devon one step further, be sure to order a cup of tea too – a wonderful way to enjoy the backdrop of Dartmoor’s charming ancient buildings and rugged moorland.

Other Treats Your Taste Buds Will Adore

In addition to warming up with a fresh-baked scone and cream tea, there are many other delicious signature English cakes and biscuits that can be found in Dartmoor. Thanks to the many organic cafes and restaurants serving up local produce and some of the best cakes in the world, your sweet tooth will be elated in the heart of the moor. You owe it to yourself, and to your taste buds, to test out one of these wonderful treats:

Devonshire apple cake
Widecombe Fair gingerbreads
Apple Dappy
Hot cross buns
Devonshire splits
From the lovely stone rows to the views of the sprawling countryside, there is plenty to discover on a trip to Dartmoor, and you can indulge your sweet tooth by choosing between the many staples of English teas and cakes in any of the charming local cafes. Work up an appetite by enjoying a bracing walk first!