Fishing on Dartmoor

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Fishing on Dartmoor

Dartmoors rivers and reservoirs are noted for their fishing

Dartmoors rivers  are noted for their fishing of wild brown trout, sea trout and salmon. Much of the river fishing on Dartmoor is privately owned but stretches of the East and West Dart Rivers may be fished on the purchase of a Duchy of Cornwall permit (contact 01822 890205).

Reservoir fishing is also available within the National park. Information about reservoirs and permits is available from the South West Lakes Trust on 01566 771930. Alternatively visit

Tavistock Trout Fishery has five lakes and tuition is available – call 01822 615441.

Come prepared with your best fishing tackle and you’re sure to have a great time with beautiful scenery.

For further information on fishing and distributors of rod licences please contact the Environment Agency on 01392 444000 or visit

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Fishing on Dartmoor

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One of the most notable landmarks in Dartmoor National Park is the Canonteign Falls, which ranks as the second tallest waterfall in England. Along with the waterfalls are a number of rivers in the park, which provide perfect fishing grounds for anglers. For instance, the West and East Dart rivers and their tributaries provide some of the best wild salmon, brown trout and sea trout in the UK. Collectively, this area has over 25 km of rivers for exploration by both local and international tourists. Below is a highlight of the best fishing rivers located in the Dartmoor National Park.

The East Dart main river

This river provides about 12 km of classic brown trout fishing, set amongst breathtaking moorland. The best of salmon and sea trout fishing is experienced towards the south and middle reaches of the river. Curious anglers who are well equipped to explore should enjoy this entire river by fishing between the access points. However, casters should know that fishing on this river between the confluence of Wallabrook to below Dartmeet is not permitted by the authorities. For access and parking, you can go to Postbridge for the upper river, Believer for the middle river and Dartmeet for the lower side of the river.

The West Dart main river

Though shorter than the East Dart river, the West Dart river is fed by several major tributaries, hence making it bigger. This 10 km river has some of the largest glides and pools in the park, which mainly provide opportunities for brown trout fishing with some salmon as well. To access the upper section of the river, you need to go to Two bridges, follow the footpath east of Dunnabridge Fm to fish in the middle section, and drive to Hexworthy Bridge for the lower river.

East Dart Walla brook and Stannon brook

If you are passionate about challenging fishing, these 1 km-each tributaries offer good spots. The former is more accessible below Pitzwell Bridge and around Runnage Bridge. The latter is mostly filled with natural flora and hence a bit more challenging. Anglers are advised to only carry brook rods to fish in these streams. Some of the other fishing grounds in this area include Swincombe, Cowsic, Blacka Brook, and Cherry Brook.

Dartmoor National Park provides an enjoyable fishing experience for anglers who love to explore nature. Tourists should acquaint with the various catch restrictions in order to protect the fish stocks that are vulnerable. It is also important to note that to fish in England, anglers need to obtain an EA rod licence that can be purchased from Postbridge, Buckfast post offices, Princetown or online. Daily, weekly or seasonal tickets are available for purchase from the 11 agents located in or around Dartmoor.

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